Things To Consider Before Getting a Walk-In Tub

Things To Consider Before Getting a Walk In Tub

Baths provide a two-for-one experience. They clean your body while allowing you to sit back and relax. Taking a dip and soaking in warm water also offers many beneficial qualities, especially for older ages. It relaxes your muscles and releases tension around your joints. However, hopping in and out of bathtubs with a more fragile body comes with challenges, from slipping risks to loss of balance.

Walk-in tubs reduce those danger threats. They allow you to easily enter and exit tubs without strenuously lifting a leg or risking movement that might break your back or pull a muscle. Before you purchase a walk-in tub, here are three things to consider.

What Practical Features Do You Need?

Taking a bath in your golden years comes with a few more requirements than bathing in your 20s. It involves implementing some extra safety precautions to further reduce any risks and make the bathing experience enjoyable and worry-free. There are many practical features to look for or request in your walk-in tub to make it better suit your needs, including:

  • Grab bars
  • Nonslip seating
  • Anti-scald technology
  • Nonskid floors

The more ADA-approved properties are in the tub, the safer you’ll be and the more joy you’ll get out of your bath. There will be no slipping and sliding for you, just assured relaxation.

Do You Want Comfort Amenities?

Along with practical features, look for added comfort amenities. Baths take you from your bathroom to a spa without the travel hassle or booking fees. Bath bombs, aromatic oils, and candles also enhance the at-home spa experience. To further create the ultimate rejuvenating and relaxing bath, get a walk-in tub with extra comfort amenities such as:

  • Jacuzzi jets
  • Massage systems
  • Soakers
  • Chromatherapy functions
  • Neck rests

Indulge in a tub with various therapeutic options and enhance your at-home spa relaxation to better take care of your mind and body.

Does It Work in Your Current Bathroom Space?

Like any traditional tub, walk-ins require extra room, especially compared with showers. However, they make sure no space goes to waste. Their elongated structure allows you to sprawl out in your tub and recline without forcing your body into an uncomfortable contortion. Before buying your tub, make sure your bathroom can accommodate its size. You also want to make sure there’s adequate drainage and plumbing compatibility. At Your Bath and Kitchen, our walk-in tub installation services can help make sure your new tub fits like a glove. We take care of removals, plumbing discrepancies, and more, making the installation process a breeze. All you need to do is sit back as you would in your walk-in tub.

Walk-in tubs offer many benefits. Keeping these three considerations in mind before getting your very own one doubles the benefits and enhances your bathing experience. Unwind, soak, and rejuvenate your mind and body with a walk-in tub that’s right for you.

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