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You’re so vain. Elegant sinks, cabinets, and fixtures will have you by the mirror for a prolonged period of time. You’ll be forgiven when your guests see your new bathroom hub.

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“The colors that Greg helped me choose are just what I expected. I would recommend this crew to anyone and their prices can’t be beaten.”

Deborah Stick, Hanover, PA

We would highly recommend this company. The staff was very courteous and professional throughout the project. Clean up was done every day and was exceptional. Only quality products were used. Very pleased with everything.

Joe & Lisa Peters, Greencastle, PA

Alluring Bathroom Basecamps

A bathroom vanity can be the focal point of your bathroom, big or small. In case your bathroom vanity needs upgraded, updated, or matched to your décor. Your Bath & Kitchen can build a vanity for you that’ll go perfect with a full bathroom remodel.

Customizable Bathroom Vanities

One of the best parts of our bathroom vanities is all of the customizable options at your disposal. Of course, we can help you through matching the right styles to your entire bathroom remodel. Or, if you only want a new vanity, we can build you that too. Either way, our bathroom vanities are customizable all the way down to the cabinet types, sinks, and fixtures. In the end, you’ll have a vanity that’ll seize your attention.

No Stress, No Mess Installation

When replacing old bathroom vanities, there are plumbing issues you have to consider. Our factory-trained installers will construct your new vanity without any hassle. Our “No Stress, No Mess” policy means we won’t leave any sort of mess or damage after your installation. This way, you’ll be free to simply enjoy your bathroom remodel or new bathroom vanity. After all, the vanity is where you spend most of your time getting ready.

Let’s get you an attractive new vanity to amaze your guests and family.

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In-Home Consultation

We’ll go over your planned remodel together, so we can provide you with a free estimate.

Confirm Design & Layout

When you’re comfortable with the plans and financing of you dream remodel, we’ll just need a confirmation.


Our factory and certified trained installers can quickly install your project, with our “No Stress, No Mess” policy.

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